Mineral Nails | How to use mineral make up on your nails

Mineral powders are some of the most versatile cosmetics. Not only can they be used for the face, they can be used for lips (with some exceptions), hair and nails as well – because of this reason, we call our multi-purpose mineral powders colours instead of “eye colour” or “hair colour” or “nail colour”.

Using mineral powders on nails is a good option for application on children, those who prefer unique colours (you can easily blend special colours which no one else will have), those who only paint their nails once in a while (no worries about expiry!), as well as those who want to own less beauty items but do more with what they have. Another benefit is that you’ll only need to own one bottle of clear polish instead of one for each colour you like.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to use mineral powders on nails. To begin, all you need are the following items:

  • Your favourite mineral colour / colours (you can mix two or more colours if you like!)
  • Top coat, base coat and a clear varnish of choice
  • A scooping spoon
  • A container or even a piece of paper to work on

Mineral Nails | How to use mineral make up on your nails

Step 1

After wearing base coat, pour a sufficient amount of clear polish in your container of choice / paper.

Step 2

Add mineral powder to the clear varnish. The portion as shown in the picture below is normally sufficient for painting at least 2 coats on all your fingers and toes.

Step 3

Mix the clear polish and mineral powder. Are you surprised? Mineral powders can mix quickly and rather well with nail polish.

Note: For illustration purposes only. Amount of mineral powder and varnish reflected in this photo is significantly lesser than amount in Steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 4

Mineral powders apply smooth like all good quality nail varnish. Apply as per normal, as many coats as you desire and finish with Top Coat.

After just one coat of polish.
Mineral Color: Ethereal

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun!

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